Just a decade ago, drug traffickers surprised us with the transition from speedboats to semi-submersible models, and these increasingly sophisticated until fully submersible models emerged, which were practically unknown until the end of 2011, just a little more than a week of 2022, large fully submersible models have been captured, and this time equipped with military technologies, both specialized navigation and concealment to evade the authorities and with intercontinental ranges, this will force international official organizations to rethink their drug strategies.

Today the United States Department of Justice announced that its coast guard units, in cooperation with a European agency during a surveillance overflight, detected the presence of a submarine drug trafficker in the waters of the Caribbean Sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean. Confirmed the location of the submersible through the use of maritime reconnaissance drones, the elusive vessel cataloged as having military characteristics was reached, due to its advanced technology.

After a long journey, the American agents captured and boarded the vessel in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, seizing the cargo and prosecuting its four crew members whose nationality has not been revealed. The cargo consisted of 6,350 kilos of cocaine, more than 6 tons. .

According to the report, through confiscated documents and the on-board computer, it is intended to establish the origin of the cargo, and its destination, which would be the European market, after a possible stopover on the island of Puerto Rico.

The United States Department of Justice is expected to release the details of this intervention soon. The detainees are accused of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance on board a ship subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, as well as violations of the law of Interdiction of vessels for drug trafficking according to the statement from the Department of Justice , which will be made public in the coming days.