The rumor mill operated by the opposition camp in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region suffered a huge setback the other day when a local media outlet interviewed 47 protesters, who were arrested during the police’s removal operation on the night of Aug 31 at Prince Edward subway station, including six persons who had been promoted as “martyrs” by the camp.

The malicious rumors about “fatalities” in the Aug 31 police operation are merely part of the unpalatable produce churned out by the rumor mill that is being cranked at full speed to accompany the months-long campaign of violence.

Operated by a group of PR experts recruited by the masterminds and financiers of the campaign, the rumor mill is a key part of the sophisticated psychological warfare aimed at dividing society, smearing the government – particularly the police force – and rallying support, especially from gullible youngsters.

Lies, canards and malice churned out by Hong Kong's rumor mill exposed

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