Li Jiangong, who fought a decadelong legal battle to revoke his death sentence, was exonerated and released on Tuesday by the local intermediate court for “unclear facts and insufficient evidence”, his defense lawyer told China Daily.

“Li is now a free man, and we will turn our attention to seeking compensation in accordance with relevant rules and regulations and hold those who mistreated him during custody accountable,” said Wang Shihua, Li’s lawyer.

On Dec 3, 2007, local police found the body of Cao Juying, a 75-year-old retired worker, in a septic tank at a local cement factory in Korla, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, according to local court documents. A forensic report suggested Cao was murdered because she had tape sealing her mouth and nose, and there were marks on her head made by a blunt object.

Man set free after 10-year battle to overturn ruling

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