Paopao Family turns two

Tang Xing, founder of Paopao, delivered a speech in Beijing on Wednesday. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Paopao Family, an online community of fans of young idols in China, celebrated its second anniversary on Nov 22 in Beijing.

The shows invite entertainment celebrities for interactions with their fans. As many as 255 film, TV and internet stars have been interviewed on this space, and the highest reach is an article that was clicked 13.8 million times. Discussions on animations, literature and video games are also held on it.

Many offline activities, such as promotion of films, parties and visits to filming locations, are also organized.

The social network, affiliated to iQiyi, one of China’s major online video platforms, now claims to have more than 60 million users on peak days.

On average, people spend 15.37 minutes a day on Paopao, with 63 percent of its users being below the age of 25.

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