Li Quan to play Blue Note Beijing

Li Quan [Photo provided to China Daily]

Chinese singer-songwriter Li Quan will play a show at Blue Note Beijing on Nov 16, with his band, which features jazz pianist Huang Jianyi, double bass player Ren Yuqing, trumpet player Hu Danfeng, saxophonist Li Shihai and percussionist An Yu. Li will perform a remix of his pop hits in a jazz style.

Born in Shanghai, Li started to learn the piano at the age of 4. He graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music where he majored in piano and composition. He is known for blending jazz tunes with pop music.

With eight studio albums under his belt, including his debut album Shanghai Dream released in 1995, Li also writes and produces for pop stars such as Taiwan singer-songwriter Mavis Fan and singer Zhang Jie.

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