For those Western countries looking at the issue objectively, whether to exclude Huawei from their 5G networks is not a question of national security, rather it is a question of whether an inclusive policy is to be followed to allow the development of next generation telecoms networks worldwide.

When asked about the possible security risks posed by Huawei, President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that he would never look to stigmatize any particular telecoms operator or any particular country. When talking in Germany’s Bundestag last week about the need to have high security standards for the expansion of 5G networks, Chancellor Angela Merkel said that blacklisting individual firms was not necessarily the answer to alleviate concerns.

It couldn’t be clearer that the national security concerns the United States keeps raising as justification for excluding Huawei from the development of its 5G networks and persuading its European allies to follow suit is nothing but a practice to stigmatize or blacklist Huawei. The ulterior motive behind such a low-down practice is to contain the development of China.

US has trouble stigmatizing Huawei as there are no grounds for it to do so

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