Heritage: Tomb, 1,200 years old, unearthed

A tomb dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) has been found in Hebei province, according to the local cultural relics protection department. The tomb was discovered by a villager. A tombstone, two porcelain pieces, 12 items of pottery and some bronze artifacts were unearthed. The inscription on the tombstone, measuring 45 centimeters in length and 9 cm in thickness, consists of 323 Chinese characters recording the name, birthplace and life story of its owner and its inscription year in 733. Two porcelain pieces, a bluish-white glazed tripod incense burner and the other, a black-glazed jar with two loop handles, are important to the research of the porcelain craftsmanship of the local kiln, Zhao Xuefeng, a cultural relics expert, said.

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