From MTR Mong Kok Station to the sign of the star ferry, from barber shop to post office, all of the decoration at the newly opened Tai Loong Fat Kee restaurant in Beijing whisks diners away on a trip to Hong Kong.

The space – more than 1,000-square meters – is decorated in such a way that once they step into the restaurant, visitors will immediately be transported to a regular street in Hong Kong, lined with vegetable stalls and dry seafood stores.

Yip Hung-tul, 54-year-old chef and Hong Kong native, was invited to move to Beijing to be the executive chef of Tai Loong Fat Kee. He grew up near the Western District public cargo working area – colloquially known as “Instagram pier” for its unadulterated, photogenic views of Victoria Harbour – on the waterfront of Sai Wan on Hong Kong island.

Get a taste of Hong Kong life without leaving Beijing

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