What is love? New film could reveal

Actor Wei Daxun alongside actress Guo Shutong co-star the upcoming movie Fight for Love. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The universal theme of films will be invoked yet again in the upcoming Fight for Love.

Starring pop idols Wei Daxun and Guo Shutong, the 88-minute romantic film tells of an unexpected reunion of former lovers, who wrestle with the past but find they still love each other.

“Love is a charming subject that has attracted many filmmakers over decades. I want to explore how modern young Chinese define it and hope they will find the answer to ‘what is love’ in the movie,” the director Cao Dawei said at a promotional event in Beijing on Oct 24.

In what seem a coincidence, Wei and Guo, both born in Northeast China’s Jilin province, went to the same primary and middle schools but they hadn’t known each other until the film.

The film will open in Chinese mainland theaters on Oct 27.

What is love? New film could reveal

Romance movie Fight for Love will hit Chinese theaters on Oct 27. [Photo provided to China Daily]

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